Theatre Projects

Since 2016, Amber has worked as a freelancer in the entertainment industry in the capacity of venue technician, sound operator, venue manager, production manager, assistant stage manager and stage manager for various productions. By 2019, she was employed by the Adam Small Theatre Complex as a stage manager and administrative assistant. Amber has worked as an ad-hoc lecturer at the Stellenbosch University Drama Department teaching sound and stage management in 2020 and 2021. Throughout 2020, Amber also worked as an intern for South African History Online, co-ordinating one of their main projects and fundraising efforts. In 2022, Amber became a director of Attakwa Productions (Pty) Ltd., a female-run production company that focuses on nurturing indigenous narratives and storytelling techniques. The theatre production, and subsequent documentary short, Bientang: bloedspoor/!nau was developed by the company. Amber is precision-driven and strives to achieve the very best when she works on a project. Her strengths in directing and production management have attributed to the success of the productions that she has worked on.

Top productions

Peter Pan (2022)

Production & Stage Manager | Directed by Fred Abrahamse

Terminaal 3 (2019-2022)

Production & Stage Manager | Directed by Marthinus Basson

Bientang Bloedspoor/!nau (2021-2022)

Producer, Production & Stage Manager | Facilitated by Amelda Brand

Koningin lear (2019-2021)

Production & Stage Manager | Directed by Marthinus Basson

Bloed  en Bodem (2019)

Stage Manager | Directed by Marthinus Basson